A six-week pre-conception and fertility optimization program

Are you ready to build a family or add to your growing family? This program was created just for you!

Nutrition is the foundation of optimal health, and the importance of a healthy diet cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to preparation for pregnancy. This program focuses on strengthening fertility in both men and women who are preparing to conceive. You will learn about nutrient-dense foods, how and why these foods support fertility, and actionable steps you can take each week to put the information you are learning into practice.


Group classes of 2-5 couples, or up to 10 individuals, are offered both in person and online. Should you desire to take the class individually, please contact us to set something up. Have a group of friends that you’d like to share the class with? If you have room to accommodate everyone in the class, ask us about hosting and getting a discount on your class price!

Classes are forming soon! Check back here for details.

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What You Will Learn

The Feed Your Fertile Body!™ Program will guide you through the steps you need to add fertility-promoting foods and lifestyle strategies into your daily life. Each module presents information and action steps to guide you through small changes and help you achieve big results!

Week 1: Best Kept Secrets About Fats and Fertilityimgres
  •  The importance of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
  • Cholesterol and hormones

  • What you need to know about vegetable oils

  • The link between fat and morning sickness

    Week 2: Sugar – Not Such a Sweet Deal After Allimages

    The many names of sugar and what it does in the body

  • How sugars and starches impact fertility

  • Hormonal impact of sugar consumption

  • Artificial sweeteners and the best and worst options for your sweet tooth

Week 3: Basic Techniques of Proper Food PreparationHealthy-Food-Preparation-700x395
  • The roles of adrenal and thyroid health on infertility and miscarriage

  • Important thyroid tests you’ve probably never had done

  • Proper preparation of grains, nuts and seeds

  • The importance of proper hydration and how to select a high-quality water filter

Week 4: Boost Fertility By Decreasing Inflammation2016-03-10-1457633472-7768299-coconutoil
  • How allergies cause inflammation in the body

  • The importance of organic foods and grass-fed animals

  • Foods that decrease inflammation and reduce oxidative stress

    Week 5: Improving Protein Digestion and Mineral AbsorptionGreen Message2
  • The role of stomach acid in digestion and absorption

  • How good digestive health impacts male fertility

  • Lifestyle factors that compromise digestion and absorption

  • Decreasing the chances of reflux during pregnancy

Week 6: Generational Effects of Intestinal MicrobiotaProbiotics
  • The importance of balanced gut microbiota

  • Factors that deplete the health of our gut

  • Probiotic foods that improve the health and diversity of our microbiome

What’s Included

  • Six weekly 90-minute classes

  • Nutrient-dense food samples

  • Practical action steps broken down into easy weekly tasks:  

              shopping lists

              pantry clean-out assignments

              foods to add and/or remove

  • Workbook (one per couple) containing:

              class materials 

              further reading suggestions

    Bonus Material

  • Resource Section, including information about home and body care
  • How and why to avoid GMOs and glyphosate
  • Cookbook
  • Food templates
  • Meal planning suggestions
  • Fertility-supporting, nutrient-dense food chart

Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association®, and are not licensed to diagnose or treat any disease.