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Do you accept insurance?

NutriSimplicity™ does not accept insurance. If you have a health savings account, you may be able to submit receipts for reimbursement. We are happy to provide a receipt for services.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We offer many forms of payment including cash, check, debit card, credit card or PayPal.  If you choose to pay with PayPal, often there is a 6-month no interest, no payment option available when the purchase is at least $100.


For your convenience, you will be sent some initial intake paperwork when scheduling your appointment, including information about our office policies. This includes a disclaimer, and may also include a food journal and health history. Please provide all paperwork at least 2 days in advance to allow time for review before your appointment. If you will be experiencing a functional evaluation at your appointment (you will know this when booking), for your comfort, we suggest you wear comfortable pants (think yoga pants or sweats as opposed to jeans or skirts).

Will I have to use supplements?

The short answer is no. While I do use whole-food based supplements in my practice (often taking a imgres-1supplement is preferable for some to speed results), I focus supplementation to YOU, rather than making a general recommendation. Since supplements are professional grade, therapeutic dose, often results can be achieved in a shorter time, and therefore you will be feeling better sooner. If you are opposed to supplementation, we can certainly focus solely on diet and lifestyle changes instead.

How long will my appointment take?

images-5It depends on the type of appointment you book. For your convenience, most of the times are listed when booking.

In general, these guidelines apply: For initial appointments, I generally recommend setting aside 90 minutes to two hours.

For follow-up appointments, plan on 30-60 minutes.

Do you offer discounts?

As a thank you for military service, NutriSimplicity™ is proud to offer military discounts for active duty military and their dependents, retired military and their dependents images-6as well as anyone carrying a valid military ID card. Please be sure to mention this when booking so your discount can be applied. For classes, there is a “bring a friend” discount. When you attend class and bring a friend to attend with you, you may both be eligible to save money on the cost of class registration. Please ask for details/discount codes when registering.

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