Microsite_ASpot_Banner_TrustedNeed supplements? You can save 10% by ordering from my Natural Partners store.  Just create an account and enter access code “save10” to save money on every order.  You can even set up auto-ship so you’re never without your favorite products!

Does the idea of free shipping on your supplement orders Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.appeal to you? Create your account through my Fullscript Dispensary, and all orders over $49 will get free shipping! Autoship is available, and you will receive reminder emails/alerts when it’s time to reorder. Creating an account is free, and you will have access to different products than may be available to you via my Natural Partners Store (above), so do some comparisons and see which is a better fit for your needs.

In addition to Natural Partners and Fullscript, I use Biotics Research Products, Standard Process Products and Essential Oils in my practice.  You can read more about doTerra® essential oils here or Vibrant Blue Oils here.

For information on the Standard Process Purification Program, please watch this video. If you would like to set up a patient account with Standard Process, please follow the instructions here.
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