Are you ready to Get at the Roots™ of your health?


I’m very excited to announce that I have completed my Get at the Roots™ Instructor Training and am now officially a Get at the Roots™ Weight Loss Program Instructor! What is Get at the Roots™, you ask? Get at the Roots™ is a personalized weight loss program designed to get your body healthy. By doing this 12-week program, you will discover and address the root causes that can contribute to your body’s inability to lose weight.

I love this program, because it’s all about bio-individuality. As we learned in our Nutritional Therapy Training, no two people are the same, and that’s why a one-size fits all approach to dieting doesn’t work. This program addresses that beautifully, and it is completely customized TO YOU. If you’re tired of trying every diet under the sun without the outcome you want, why not try Get at the Roots™? It may well be the last “diet” you ever try! The objective of the program is to get your body healthy. As your body gets healthier, the weight will naturally come off until you reach your ideal, healthy body weight. This is not a low-calorie, low-fat diet. It is not about restricting calories and therefore nutrients. The body needs good nutrition to properly function. This program is about giving your body the proper nutrients it needs for its metabolic and hormonal processes. By doing this, not only do you feed your body good nutrition, but your body gains health, diminishes food cravings and you gain energy while losing unwanted body fat.

I will be holding an informational webinar about the Get at the Roots™ Weight Loss program on January 4th at 9 am. When you attend, you will hear about the 5 Keys to Speeding Metabolism, the 10 Root Causes that hinder your weight loss and how the Get at the Roots™ Weight Loss Program can help you! I hope you can make it! Please register, and If you’re not able to make it live, I will make the recording available to you afterwards.  My first class will be offered in January, so come get your questions answered! Be sure to go vote for the best day and time of class on my Facebook page! Currently Tuesday night at 5:30 pm is the proposed schedule. I hope to help you bring health and balance to your body in 2016!

You can find out more about the program and watch a short video by visiting my dedicated Get at the Roots website.
In Health,
Marie Olson, NTP