What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, anyway?

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Root Cause of Digestive Issues Discovered

“I was feeling so frustrated with my lack of progress with healing my Hashimoto’s and being unable to resolve a ton of digestive issues, severe fatigue, and many other health complaints. Since working with Marie, we have uncovered the root of many of my digestive issues using the MRT testing – multiple food sensitivities!! I am so thankful for this test and Marie’s knowledge. As my digestion is improving, so are most of my other issues. Marie is a very caring, patient and invested practitioner who truly goes the extra mile. If for any reason, she does not have an immediate answer to your question, she will gladly go above and beyond to figure it out for you.That is a very rare quality to find in the healthcare field and I would highly recommend Marie and all of NutriSimplicity’s nutrition services!”

Jessica S., Monroe, NY
Jessica S., Monroe, NY